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Korua Shapes Transition Finder Plus

Snowboard Type: Freeride and All Mountain



By using the most premium materials we’ve built the best possible version of the classic Transition Finder shape. We upgraded the base material, wood core, and top sheet to create a lighter, faster, and more responsive ride. This board is a transition-magnet and the ultimate melting pot of freeride, freestyle, and carving. It complements a surf-inspired riding style and allows you to ride both creatively and powerfully all over the mountain.


The Transition Finder Plus is super light-weight and slightly stiffer than the classic version, making it feel more reactive on snow and providing loads of pop to get that extra air-time. The diamond nose and tail shape offer great stability and torsion for stomping landings in the backcountry or seeking transitions around the resort and terrain parks.

Carving: 7
Transition/Freestyle: 10
Backcountry/Trees: 10
Powder: 10

The Transition Finder Plus features our FLOAT CAMBER, which curves into a rocker shape in the nose. This profile provides excellent float in deep powder while maintaining speed throughout the turn. The camber under-foot offers extra pop for air-time and great stability for carving on-piste, while the early rise in the nose allows for an easy initiation of turns.

The Transition Finder Plus features a dynamic multiaxial full carbon construction, super-light bionic core design, stringer reinforced paulownia wood and the highest grade grapite Perlatec base material for a lighter, faster, and more responsive ride.