Waxes. Tunes. Repairs. We got you.



Get your gear in peak condition with our pro services. From precise tuning and waxing to custom setups and repairs, we'll make sure you're always ready to ride.

Hand Wax $30

Our hand wax service applies a high-quality wax by hand for a smooth, long-lasting glide tailored to your specific snow conditions.

Machine Wax $20

Experience efficient, even waxing with our machine wax service, perfect for a quick and effective enhancement of your board’s performance.

Full Tune 1 (Hand Wax / Hand Sharpen) $40

The Rolls Royce of tuning packages. Includes a meticulous hand wax and hand edge sharpening, ensuring optimal speed and precision on the slopes.

Full Tune 2 (Machine Wax / Hand Sharpen) $30

Combining the efficiency of a machine wax with the precision of hand edge sharpening, this service guarantees a well-rounded performance boost for your snowboard.

Sharpen $20

Keep your edges sharp and your turns precise with our expert sharpening service, enhancing your control and performance on the mountain.

Binding Install $25

Our professional binding installation ensures a secure and custom fit, optimizing your stance and stability for a better riding experience.


We offer a wide range of repairs for any sort of issues you might run into with your board. If you require services beyond what is listed below, contact us with more details about your situation and we'll get you sorted.

Epoxy (Starts at $10)

Our epoxy repair service fixes deep gouges and cracks in your snowboard’s base, restoring its integrity and prolonging its lifespan.

Rust Removal (Starts at $10)

We carefully remove rust from your snowboard’s edges, preventing further damage and maintaining smooth, clean cuts through the snow.

Base Repair (Starts at $10)

Our base repair service addresses scratches and minor damages, using P-Tex and other techniques to restore your snowboard’s base to its original smoothness.