Korua Shapes Bullet Train Plus

  • A new era in soft boot carving has begun. A board designed specifically to make extreme turns on hard pack a thing of ease. High quality materials make it fast like a bullet and thanks to the vibration-absorbing Titanium construction and better torsion, this silent beast cuts through fat bumps on the slope, with ease and the precision of scalpel. "By far the best carving board I have ever ridden" Nicholas Wolken

  • Our FULL CAMBER is a modern version of the classic camber that many of us grew up with. Like the classic, it offers more stability and grip because more of your board is in the snow when it’s set on edge. Unlike the classic version, ours offers more float and speed in soft snow due to a smoother transition into the nose area.

    Flex - 8/10

    Length (cm) 160 (A)
    Effective Edge (mm) 1324 (B)
    Running Length (mm) 1180
    Nose Width (mm) 321 (C)
    Waist Width (mm) 269 (D)
    Tail Width (mm) 299 (E)
    Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 9.8
    Setback (mm) 20
    Taper (mm) 22
    Recommended Stance (cm) 55
    Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 49-61
    Board Weight (kg) 3.1
    Flex (1-10) 9
    Float (1-10) 5
    Switch Riding Challenging
    Rider Weight (kg) 65 - 95
    Boot Size (EU) Up to ~ 46