Es Accel Slim x Go Skateboarding Day White Red

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The Accel Slim has rapidly become the most requested shoe for the new generation of skaters. As a refined version of the Accel OG, it is a perfect all around shoe with excellent boardfeel, durability, and comfort. Try some and take your skating to the next level.

Go Skateboarding Day was created on June, 21st 2003 to celebrate the how amazing skateboarding is and bring together the global skateboard community to all go skate together, as one family every June 21st. éS is excited to bring to provide an GSD ACCEL Slim to celebrate 20 years of the biggest day in skateboarding. With a "GO SKATE" heat transfer execution on the bottom sole that is intended to wear off while skating, we'll know if you skated on GSD!


Turned blind toe seam for added durability
Lycra spandex tongue straps
Minimal tongue and collar padding
Breathable tongue mesh
400 nbs rubber cupsole
Molded sti eneryg foam midsole
H eat transfer "Go Skate" print intended to wear off when you go skate