Ride K-1 Black Snowboard Binding Kids 2024

$131.99 $219.99


Make your kids the envy of the slopes this winter with the Ride K-1 Black Snowboard Binding 2024. Our C-Series Performance Chassis, lightweight Nylon Highback, and One-Piece Ankle Strap make for a stable and responsive ride. You'll love the precise fit with a Minimalist Toe Strap and C-Series Diecut Basepad, plus the added cushion of the Canted Footbed. What's more, Plastic Discs and Linkage Ratchet make it easy to customize your binding to your kids' individual riding style. Shred the mountain in style!


- C-Series Performance Chassis
- Nylon Highback
- One-Piece Ankle Strap
- Minimalist Toe Strap
- C-Series Diecut Basepad
- Canted Footbed
- Plastic Discs
- Linkage Ratchet

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