Ride CL-4 Papaya Snowboard Binding Women's 2024

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Achieve maximum performance and power with the Ride CL-4 Black Snowboard Binding 2024. Its C-Series Performance Chassis, Slimeback™ Highback, and One-Piece Ankle Strap provide support and leverage for tricks and turns, while its C-Series Diecut Basepad, Canted Footbed, and Linkage Ratchet enable secure and comfortable rides. Get ready to shred the mountain in style!


- C-Series Performance Chassis
- SlimebackTM Highback
- One-Piece Ankle Strap
- Minimalist Toe Strap
- C-Series Diecut Basepad
- Canted Footbed
- Plastic Discs
- Linkage Ratchet

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