Flux Womens GS Binding Black 2024

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The ever-popular GS
This binding combines elements of the DS into a women's model for comfortable riding in all conditions.

The combination of a flat rocker shaped base and stabilizer increases the range of motion of the foot, making it ideal for female riders who are looking for ease of play and comfort.


Vogue Baseplate
Designed and developed exclusively for ladies. Achieves a more natural flex that matches your leg strength.

Performance Blend
Medium flex for most all-round use. Compatible with all riding scenes.

Made of material that prevents snow from sticking even in harsh environments. While enjoying the direct feel of the soles of your feet, it also provides the cushioning required for riding.

Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion
Movable cushion that allows adjustment of toe side and heel site to suit boot size and board width.

Custom Stabilizers
By installing it, you can change the contact area with the base and customize the feel of the board to your liking.

Super Tough Nylon
Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.