Artist: Dan Brandon


We asked Dan a few questions about himself and how he came up with this great graphic, Dan was extremely helpful through this process and is just as passionate about snowboarding as we are. 

How long have you been snowboarding?
I started snowboarding in 1992 in a friend’s backyard with Stream of Consciousness on repeat.

How did you come up with this concept?
The retail game in Ontario has been a little rocky lately and having a thriving shop for ten years is no small feat. So I came up the “fighting death” analogy. Sanction has lasted 10 Rounds in the ring and has proven that in this  day and age we need to remain current and have the ability to adapt to survive.

What is your favourite memory about snowboarding?
Snowboarding in my friends Adam’s backyard as a kid.
All my buddies were there riding every day and night building, progressing and listing to metal and hip-hop. Those good times 
made me fall in love with snowboarding. Been hooked ever since.

What were your favorite shops when you were growing up?
Deck the Walls in Hamilton where I bought my first skateboard. Steel City Skates in Hamilton where I rode my first mini ramp. When I was a kid The owner of Surf Paradise used to be my neighbour. I would get paid in store credit for cutting his grass. I use to water the shit out of his lawn so I could cut it twice a week! Eventually, I graduated from a landscaper to an employee for almost a decade. 


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