Sanction Says Lakai week was amazing, thank you to everyone who participated and get ready for 8 more weeks of Sanction Says from the best brand on the planet.

Congratulations to Andrew Renshaw - @renndition check out his entries:

1. Design a new sandwich inspired by Marc Johnson and tag @marcjohnson in your post:


2. Find a girl wearing a pair of Lakai shoes, get a photo with her and her shoes and remember to tag everyone in the photo:

3. Get a video doing 15 pushups and then get your longest manual right after, post it and tag @brandonbiebel:

IMG 1947 from Malcolm Vaughan on Vimeo.



4. Get a video of your best switch trick, post it tag @guymariano and get him to like your post:

IMG 1948 from Malcolm Vaughan on Vimeo.



5. Rep your favorite skate shop, get creative, and get a picture outside your favorite shop that sells Lakai and tag @lakailtd:


Malcolm Vaughan