Union Womens Ultra Snowboard Binding Pale Blue 2024

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Reactive Dampening.

Union’s newest and fastest growing women’s freestyle binding model. Exclusive Molecular Bushings make the Ultra the most cushioned and comfortable ride feel on the market today. 360 degree board flex and feel allows the rider to truly enjoy the experience.

The Ultra’s Molecular Bushing provides a level of cushioning and comfort that you have to feel to understand. Combine that with zero baseplate material under your heels and toes, and you’ve got a recipe for the best board feel on the market today.

Spring-loaded take offs and perfectly cushioned landings. The all-new Ultra utilizes the latest in Union’s manufacturing capabilities to redefine how a freestyle binding should ride.

Response: Medium
Mounting System: Mini Disk



Heelcup: Extruded 3d Aluminum W/ Astro Washer: Union's Astro ankle washer adds another level of confidence and securi- ty to your riding. Prevents heelcup slippage on binding models that only feature a single heelcup screw.
Ratchets: Magnesium S1 W/ Steel Base
Bushing: Molecular Bushing W/ Tpe Outsole
Flad: No Flad
Hardware: Grade 8.8 Steel
Disk Cover: Non Stick + Extragrip
Canting: No
Strap Adjust: Tool-less
Reactive Dampening

Highback: S15 Ultra Duraflex ST

A thin layer of molecular bushing provides increased flexibility and a spring loaded return for quick edge to edge power when you need it.

Ankle Strap: Forma X

Instant response meets all day long foot comfort. The Forma X ankle strap's all-new construction combines Union's responsive Exoframe exterior with the padded comfort and flexibility of the Forma interior.

Toe Strap: TS 5.0 Ultragrip

Multi-Positional options, thermoplastic anti-slip material and fits to any boot.

Baseplate: S11 ASYM Duraflex ST

By removing excess material in the toe and heel of the baseplate, and utilizing a brand new asymmetrical shape, we've been able to drastically increase the torsional flex of the binding.

TPE Outsole: Exclusive to Union, this 100% new binding manufacturing process requires zero bushing gluing and adds another layer of dampening and vibration canceling to the all-new Ultra.

Molecular Bushing: Union's all-new Molecular bushing provides spring-loaded take offs and perfectly cushioned landings. 15% lighter than Union Fused Vaporlite and guaranteed to minimize foot, ankle and knee fatigue. This is the future of freestyle binding design.

Flex: 6 (Scale 1 - 10)

Versatility at its finest. From the park to the peak and anywhere in between.

Mounting System: Mini Disk

2x4, Channel