Ride C-9 Pink Snowboard Binding 2024

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Kick off your season with the Ride C-9 Pink Snowboard Binding! This ultra-flexible binding has all the makings of a baller board-set-up. With its Nylon Highback, Canted Footbed with PODS, and C-Series Performance Chassis, you'll be levelling up your trips to the mountain. Plus, its minimalist toe strap with overmold means less fuss and more fun as you make turns like a pro. Keep it tight and ride on!


- Nylon Highback
- Canted Footbed with PODS
- C-Series EVA Basepad
- C-Series Performance Chassis
- Minimalist Toe Strap with Overmold
- Linkage Ratchet
- Aluminum and Plastic Discs
- Three-Piece Ankle Strap

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