Ride A-6 Tag Snowboard Binding 2024

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Hop on the Ride A-6 Tag Snowboard Binding with canted footbed and Slimeback highback for maximum flex and a secure fit - the sickest set-up for getting rad on the slopes! Experience a lightweight two-piece ankle strap and A-Series Diecut basepad for a smooth glide, with minimalistic logo toe strap and linkage ratchet for quick, comfortable fastening. An A-Series aluminum chassis and plastic discs provide durable performance in any weather. Slay the mountain like a pro!


- Canted Footbed
- Slimeback Highback
- Two-Piece Ankle Strap
- A-Series Diecut Basepad
- Plastic Discs
- A-Series Aluminum Chassis
- Minimalist Logo Toe Strap
- Linkage Ratchet

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