Nidecker Supermatic Snowboard Binding Cyan Early Release 2025

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Ideal for easy access and unlimited performance

The Nidecker SuperMatic is what snowboarding has been waiting for, it is truly going to be a revolution for so many snowboarders from now on - the first Automatic, Universal and Dual-entry snowboard binding. Simple to use; you just drop your boot in and click down to engage, and you are ready to ride. To get out, just push a release lever gently and lift your foot up and out. These bindings work with every single snowboard boot brand and model available on the market today, so you won’t need to change your boots to use the tech. And these bindings have ankle-straps and toe-caps with ratchet-buckles, so you will have that familiar locked-in feel, and the option to get in&out through the straps as well if you’re in a situation that you’d rather do so. The SuperMatic is a mid-stiff binding, and the team have rated it as our most comfortable binding to date. It’s a solid performer for any type of all-mountain riding, from first chair ‘til last.


Baseplate & Heelcup: Glass-filled Nylon, Asym Rockered Matic-Series
Hiback: Nylon, Asym Hadron-Hiback
Ankle Strap: Hybrid ExoFrame PowerStrap
Toe Strap: Hexo Toecap
Ratchet Buckles: LSR, Locking Slap Ratchets
2.5º Canted BankBeds
Nylon MultiDisks

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