Landyachtz Evo 36 Flow 36"

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A pillar of the Landyachtz DH line for nearly two decades, the Evo has been under the feet of World Champions, countless race winners and podium contenders. The Evo 36 is the more compact of our two Evo shapes at 36" long by 9.5" wide and pressed with 9 plies of high-quality Canadian maple. The Evo comes with 40 degree, 155mm Gen 6 reverse kingpin trucks. The narrow, 155mm hanger gives you a defined hookup from drifts and more control over your steering. This year we set up the Evo with 72mm, 78a Plow Kings, which are stone ground to give you a confident slide right out of the box, have superb roll speed for those long commutes, and come with a wide contact patch for more confidence in the corners.


Length: 36
Width: 9.5
Wheelbase: 27.75

Artist: LY Original Art