Flux DS Binding Blue 2024

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An almighty model that can be used in any condition.

The toe side, which is difficult to transmit force, has a wide base plate that emphasizes transmission efficiency to the board, and the heel side, which requires flexible movement for ease of play, has a large stabilizer to expand the range of motion.

This combination not only improves operability and stability when using a jib or grating, but also enables more stable edging when carving.


Super Ultima Baseplate
A new generation standard of FLUX equipped with a stabilizer that converts power transmission into repulsive force in order to make the most of the board's bounce.

Performance Blend
Medium flex for most all-round use. Compatible with all riding scenes.

Made of material that prevents snow from sticking even in harsh environments. While enjoying the direct feel of the soles of your feet, it also provides the cushioning required for riding.

Adjustable Toe & Heel Cushion
Movable cushion that allows adjustment of toe side and heel site to suit boot size and board width.

Cushion Stabilizer
A large stabilizer that converts flex energy into repulsive force firmly and gently transmits it to the board.

5Holes Highback rotation
Five highback mounting holes that allow rotation at both foot swing angles.

Super Tough Nylon
Medium flex material suitable for all-round use from low speed to high speed, beginner to expert.