Yes Warca UnInc JPS Snowboard 2023

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When pigs fly

We wanted to pay tribute to all the boards that had de- rived from the iconic 420 by doing our own version of a 420 spinoff. We took the short-wide concept and applied it to a traditional MidBite twin profile. But to keep the Taper that makes the floatability of the 420 we needed to tweak the MidBite. Into the all-new Bi-polar Mid- Bite outline. This new Midbite has a deeper inlay on the front of the board than it has on the back. This creates a taper as the edge goes out 2mm less than on the nose giving you a slight taper on a twin shape.

Artist :Guillaume Rousseaux


Shape : Directional Twin
Core : Poplar/Paulownia/ Bamboo
Glass : Triax
Base Material : Sintered True
Flex : 7/10
Outline : Bi-Polar MidBite
Base Profile : Camber

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