• **** WIDE BOARD ****

    The Basic ‰ÛÒ in one form or another - has been with us since YES. began. It launched the brand, it launched a small movement, and when we applied Underbite a few years ago it unwittingly put modern form to a philosophy that has been with us all since the beginning. It‰۪s both as complicated and as simple as it needs to be. The Basic is for the snowboarder‰۪s snowboarder. Its primary function is to allow the rider to do anything he or she focuses their mind on. Whatever line, trick, direction or surface they want to shred, the Basic is designed to make this as intuitive as possible. Waist width, sidecut, Underbite, flex pattern, tip and tail profiles, materials ‰ÛÒ all of it is thoughtfully applied with that same goal in mind. To open the hill up to whatever it is you want to make of it. This basic goal is what we‰۪re all after. So for us, Basic doesn‰۪t mean simple - Basic means fundamental..

  • RIDERS / Snowboarders
    SHAPE / True Twin
    FLEX / 3.5 CORE / Full Poplar
    GLASS / Biax
    OUTLINE / UnderBite
    BASE MATERIAL / Extruded
    BASE PROFILE / CamRock

  • Length Effective Edge Waist Nose / Tail Width Contact Length Tip / Tail Length
    156W 118.5 25.9 30.29 113.5 21.25
    159W 120 26.1 30.61 115 22