Yes 2020 Powderhull Demo

  • 20/20 A redesign of the board the redefined.
    Truth be told, we’ve been itching to redesign the 20/20 soon after the dust settled from its release 3 years ago and this newest generation checks off an impressive list of high performance boxes. Updates to the bottom contours have maintained the magical float that sets this board apart from everything else on the snow while improving the pop and landings off natural and man-made features. The eye-catching coreless tech has made these more complex shapes possible, while removing critical swing-weight from board. And finally, MidBite has found its most effective home on twins so applying an aggressive version of this has brought out the kind of park and resort performance we always knew the 20/20 was capable of.


  • TECH
    • RIDERS RDM, Derek Livingston
    • SHAPE True Twin
    • CORE Weightless
    • GLASS Triax
    • BASE MATERIAL PH Sintered True
    • FLEX 7/10
    • OUTLINE MidBite
    • BASE PROFILE PowderHull + Camber Camber 4mm
    • PowderHull Using the dynamics of snow moving across active concaves that create both lift (leading concave) and draft (trailing concave).
    • MidBite MidBite blends the response of a narrow waist width with the stability of wider nose and tail and increases edge hold in the process.
  • Length Effective Edge Waist Nose / Tail Rocker / Camber (mm) Sidecut

    Max Stance


    156 113.5 26.4 31.7 / 31.7 C4 6.5 62.4 / 24.6