Union Ultra White

    A flagship model and team favorite, the Ultra showcases the full arsenal of Union technology. Revolutionary Forged Carbon response, working in harmony with our innovative shock-absorbing Fused Vaporlite foam provide comfort and performance that have to be ridden to be understood.

    Medium 7-10
    Large 10+

  • TECH
    • BASEPLATE - Stage 6 - Duraflex CB
    • HIGHBACK - Ultra Forged Carbon
    • RATCHETS - Magnesium
    • BUSHING - OTE fused Vaporlite+ w/ Non-Stick Gas Pedal
    • ANKLE STRAP - Hex Direct Connect 
    • FLAD - Classic Flad 
    • STRAP ADJUST - Toolless
    • HEELCUP - Extruded 3D Aluminum
    • TOE STRAP - Hexgrip Secure-Lock
    • HARDWARE - GRADE 8.8
    • FUSED VAPORLITE + The next generation of Fused Vaporlite has arrived. 20% lighter than the original and still just as waterproof, durable and vibration canceling. Exclusive to Union Binding Company.
    • HEX ANKLE STRAP Contouring perfectly around the outside of your boots, Hex Ankle Straps are incredibly durable, and light as a feather.
    • NON-STICK GAS PEDAL Fused Vaporlite Non-stick gas pedals shed water and snow like nothing you’ve experienced before. Gone are the days of icy build up under your boots.
    • NEW FC HB Taking notes from the Strata, the all-new Ultra FC highback has been redesigned for increased durability and features 20% more bombproof Forged Carbon than previous models