Union Strata Hazard Yellow

    The Strata is a cross performance wreckingball, featuring a Stage 6 Direct Injected base, that incorporates an “industry first” Fused Vaporlite Bushing System that sets new standards for how a snowboard binding should function and perform.

    Medium 7-10
    Large 10+

  • TECH
    • BASEPLATE - Stage 6 - Duraflex ST
    • HIGHBACK - Strata Duraflex ST
    • RATCHETS - Magnesium
    • BUSHING - OTE Fused Vaporlite
    • ANKLE STRAP - Forma Elite Direct Connect 
    • FLAD - Push Pin 
    • STRAP ADJUST - Toolless
    • HEELCUP - Extruded 3D Aluminum
    • TOE STRAP - Hexgrip Secure-Lock
    • HARDWARE - GRADE 8.8
    • GAS PEDAL Thermoformed EVA gas pedals are the first layer of the Strata's dampening system. This layer provides extra cushion for hard landings and eats up board chatter.
    • BASEPLATE The Stage 6 Duraflex ST base has been engineered to increase nylon material where needed for strength, and remove nylon material where possible for weight reduction. Backed by Union's lifetime warranty.
    • SUB CHASSIS Utilizing a softer material, the Sub Chassis connects the base with the Fused Vaporlite bottom bushing for durability and connection.
    • BUSHING OTE Fused Vaportlite bushings set new standards for cushioning and vibration dampening. Fused Vaporlite is the future of precise manufacturing.