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Union Force Hot Pink

Binding Response: Medium and Stiff


The #1 Binding In Snowboarding
All Mountain.
Trusted by more professional snowboarders than any other binding on the market today. The Union Force is a time tested classic that can handle it all.

Binding Flex: 7/10 Medium-Stiff


Baseplate: Stage 4 Duraflex ST
Bushing: Multidensity Thermoformed EVA
Heelcup: Extruded 3D aluminum
Highback: Force Duraflex ST
Ankle Strap: Exoframe 4.0
Toe Strap: TS-2.0 Rhombus
Ratchets: Magnesium
FLAD: Tool-Less
Hardware: Grade 8.8 steel
Disk Cover: Thermoformed EVA
Canting: Yes
Strap Adjust: Tool-Less


Men's Sizing:
S: 6-7.5
M: 8-10
L 10.5+