Union Flite Pro Blue 21/22

  • Proof that there’s no such thing as entry level at Union Binding Company... The 21/22 Union Flite Pro has been fully redesigned from the ground up. All-new Stage 8 Duraflex baseplate combined with the Falcor inspired highback deliver the lightest binding series ever created by Union, and arguably any other brand to date.

  • TECH
        BASEPLATE: Stage 8 Duraflex
        BUSHING: Thermoformed EVA
        HEELCUP: extruded 3d aluminum 
        HIGHBACK: stage 12 flite pro DURAFLEX
        ANKLE STRAP: Forma
        TOE STRAP: TS 4.0
        FLAD: Tool-less
        HARDWARE: grade 8.8 steel
        DISK COVER: snap fit
        CANTING: no
        STRAP ADJUST: Traditional