Union Falcor Black Marble

  • Travis Rice Pro Model.
    For the biggest lines and the steepest spines‚ this is the binding that Travis Rice trusts when he straps in. For 21/22 we’ve upgraded the Falcor with a thicker, more durable forged carbon spine, longer lasting magnesium S1 ratchets and brand new ankle and toe straps. Lightweight, responsive, shock absorbing and designed by the man himself - Trust Travis.

    Men's Sizing:
    S: 6-7.5
    M: 8-10
    L 10.5+

  • TECH
    • Baseplate: Stage 6 Duraflex CB
    • Bushing: Fused Vaporlite +
    • Heelcup: Extruded 3D aluminum
    • Highback: Falcor Forged Hybrid 2.0
    • Ankle Strap: Exoframe 5.0
    • Toe Strap: TS 4.0+
    • Ratchets: Magnesium S1 with Aluminum Base
    • FLAD: Classic
    • Hardware: Grade 8.8 steel
    • Gas Pedal: Non Stick EVA
    • DISK TYPE > Mini Disk
    • canting › yes
    • strap adjust › tool-less
    • Warranty: Lifetime for baseplate/heelcup. 1 year for all other parts.