• Last year we worked with knwn on an idea to take a highly versatile asymmetrical sidecut profile, and create a mould that has the freedom to make changes very easily. The result was the Dirtbag. A park board with a lot of tech blended with more price conscious materials. Stage 2, use the same asymmetrical side cut profile a longer more all mountain tip shape, and then let JP bring in 20 plus years of experience tuning the best materials for the best ride. JP tends to ride the same board in the streets as the backcountry, just different sizes. His version of the Ownership has a slightly longer overall length with a shorter effective edge, letting it handle like a smaller board in the streets or park and float effortlessly in powder. Quad glass for power, sintered base for speed, and a bamboo core for a long lasting consistent flex pattern.

  • TECH
    • Kicker
    • True Twin
    • Sintered Base
    • Asymmetrical Sidecut
    • Quadrax Glass
    • Flat Camber
    • Soft - Stiff 5/10
    • Playful - Powerful 7/10
  • Length Waist Width Sidecut Effective Edge Weight Range
    153 248mm 7.8m TS 7.4m HS 1190mm 100-170lbs
    157 250mm 7.9m TS 7.5m HS 1226mm 110-180lbs