You don’t win an Olympic Gold Medal without luck, style, and a lot of guts. Luckily, Sage Kotsenburg’s got all three pumping thru his veins. He has an unrelenting stoke for being on the mountain that is as contagious as it is inspirational to anyone looking to get on the hill. Much like Sage’s personality, his Pro Model snow sock, the Golden Veins, is as colorful as it is warm. Made out of our finest Merino Wool, this all natural blend provides thermo regulation, quick-drying, and superior moisture wicking. Wool has natural anti-microbial properties benefiting your fresh feet. We've placed breathable mesh into strategic areas to improve ventilation and elevate comfort. The cushioning design has air channels to keep you cool and comfortable while giving you protection from wear and tear on the most extreme adventures. Reinforced arch construction built to give you correct support and eliminate foot fatigue and fully wrapped terry loop toe box keep your tootsies toasty.

L/XL 9-13


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