• åÊThe absolute most popular board series in Smokin‰۪ history, the Vixens remain unchanged in their design and build materials. When you have a perfect product, you don‰۪t mess with it. Originally built on the Superpark platform but re-engineered to suit the needs of female riders the Vixen is the premier twin tip platform for women‰۪s free riding. With an identical build but a limited edition graphic we double down to suit multiple style needs.


    • True Twin - Our true twin boards feature a symmetrical shape, sidecut, and core profile for a consistent feel regular or switch.
    • 3 Stage Dampening - 3 layers of dampening absorb vibrations caused by changing snow conditions. The extra layer promotes cohesion between your board‰۪s components for durability you can depend on.
    • Mello Magne Traction - Here at Smokin, we build boards that we like to ride. When there is a technology out there that is the best available, why would you want to ride anything else? Our pursuit of the perfect snowboard has been a driving force since day one, with a constant progression and a search for the best materials and designs available. 5 years ago the path to snowboard enlightenment got wavy.
    • Park Flex - Our most popular flex pattern, park flex is a versatile core profile that is designed to be lively, responsive, and stable while maintaining a fun playful pressable characteristic. Soft enough to press it out, stable enough to stomp big.
    • Sintered 6000 Bases - Our sintered UHMW bases are the hardest, toughest available, and 1/3 thicker than industry standard. They have superior wax absorption for lightning fast speed.
    • 3 Year Warranty - Smokin is proud to offer an industry leading three (3) year warranty on all of our products from the original purchase date from an authorized Smokin retailer. Others have imitated it, but nobody beats it. Get out there and shred hard knowing you can count on high quality American manufacturing for years to come.
  • Length Effective Edge Waist Nose / Tail Stance Weight Range
    140 108.00 23.5 27.5/27.5 18.75-23.5‰Û_ 70-120lbs
    144 110.00 23.5 27.5/ 27.5 18.75-23.5‰Û_ 80-125lbs
    148 114.00 23.5 27.5/ 27.5 18.75-23.5‰Û_ 95-140lbs