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Ride Warpig

Snowboard Type: All Mountain


Small = 148
Medium = 151
Large = 154
Xlarge = 158

The WARPIG sees the entire mountain as an opportunity to thrash at full speed. Slim Wall is the evolution of Ride’s Roll-in Construction to its most extreme limit. By creating a fully 3-D composite structure over our proprietary Slimewall® material, this revolutionary technology results in more efficient energy transfer, lighter weight constructions, and even better damping. The WARPIG shape has won multiple snowboard tests for both all-mountain and freestyle categories, which is a rare feat in modern snowboarding. The versatility of the WARPIG is unmatched. This board will allow you to lay down carves, hit huge jumps and ride big mountain lines. A Tapered Bi-Radial Sidecut maximizes grip and allows the WARPIG to transition from edge-to-edge like a traditional narrow snowboard while getting the float and stability of a wider modern deck. A Performance™ Core combines Aspen, Bamboo, and Paulownia wood to provide the perfect balance of strong and light. The WARPIG is a battle-tested all-mountain board for intermediate to advanced riders who aspire to crack the skull of winter and feast on its delicious pink insides.


- Directional
- Hybrid Glass
- Carbon Array 3™
- Double Impact Plates
- Slimewalls®
- Roll-in Construction
- Performance™ Core
- Sintered Base
- Stone Finish
- Bi-Radial Sidecut
- Directional Zero Camber
- Wide
- Cleave Edge™
- Slim Walls
- Standard Topsheet