Ride Psychocandy

  • Design: Tapered Directional Rocker
    Specialty: Pow/Groomers
    Response: Aggressive

    Directional Rocker. A Bi-Radial sidecut maximizes grip and allows the PsychoCandy to maintain speed in all conditions.  Carbon Slimewalls® enhance response and stability. Topless construction improves durability and reduces weight. The PsychoCandy is a directional all-mountain board designed to ride like a WARPIG, which means it’ll be more fun than that parking lot “aspirin” you found outside the EDM show.

  • - Directional Rocker
    - Bi-Radical Sidecut
    - Sintered Base
    - New! WMNS Performance CORE
    - Slimewalls®, Carbon Slimewalls®
    - Double Impact Plates
    - Carbon Array 5TM
    - Topless Topsheet
    - Carbon Infused Glass
    - Roll-in Construction
  • Length Effective Edge (mm) Side Cut (m) Nose / Tail (mm) Waist Width (mm) Ref Stance
    142 1044 4.67-5.67 302/292 250 483
    146 1070 4.91-5.97 309/299 257 508