Public General Public Wide Snowboard 2024

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Just enough positive camber underfoot, the Public General Public Snowboard 2024 will feel stable, responsive, and poppy with plenty of rocker past the inserts to float in deep snow and press with ease


- Alert Camber
- Biax Glass
- Poplar Core
- Sintered Base

Why Get A Wide Board

Choosing between a wide snowboard and a regular snowboard depends on a few factors. If you have larger feet, a wide snowboard is definitely worth considering. It offers a wider platform that prevents your boots from dragging in the snow during sharp turns, ensuring better stability and reducing the chance of catching an edge. This is especially important for riders with boot sizes of 11 or larger. Wide snowboards also provide more surface area, which can enhance floatation in deep snow and improve overall control. So, if you want a more comfortable and stable ride, a wide snowboard may be what you are looking for.