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Now NX-GEN Orange

Binding Response: Soft


Parents rejoice! The NXGEN is everything and more to keep the momentum churning and the shred fire burning for the onslaught of young up-and-coming riders pushing their limits and ripping up the mountain.


• All mountain/freestyle
• Skate-Tech
• Flushcup Technology
• Highcup Compatibility
• Hanger 1.0 is nylon with 15% Glass Fiber • SIEVA Straps
• PA66-GF buckle levers
• NEW minimalist toe straps
• NOW tool-less adjuster straps
• Flex Hinge Highback
• Post is Nylon with 50% Glass Fiber
• Combo Mounting Disc 4x4 - Channel
• Bushings available in Soft (40 shore)
• Lifetime warranty program
• NEW Hinge Connector


Youth Sizing:
S 5-7.5