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Now Brigada Teal

Binding Response: Medium


What can be said about the BRIGADA except for the fact this pretty little beacon of hope will surely take hold of all your shred senses, guaranteed to send you on snowboarding journeys of epic proportions.


• Freestyle
• Flex 5/10
• Skate-Tech
• Flushcup Technology
• Highcup Compatibility
• Hanger 2.0 is Nylon with 15% Glass Fiber • ASYM SIEVA Straps
• PA66-GF buckle levers
• 3D Contour toe straps
• NOW tool-less adjuster straps
• Women’s FM Highback
• Post is Nylon with 50% Glass Fiber
• Combo Mounting Disc 4x4 - Channel
• Hinge connector
• Bushings available in medium (45 shore)
• Lifetime warranty program


Sizing: S 5.5-8.5 M 8-10.5