Nitro Vertical Splitboard Binding Black

  • Nitro´s splitboard binding, the Vertical, was designed and engineered together with the most capable splitboarding partners at Spark R&D. The Colab combines the simplicity and durability of Sparks TeslaT1 baseplate design with Nitro´s quality of reinforced cable connectors and ladders, comfort and reliability of straps and buckles. The Vertical split-board binding is equipped with the Nitro Recline Highback, First Track ankle straps, Vi-bram© EcoStep Übergrip toe straps, and reinforced cables in the ratchet ladders. Effort-less on the way up, comfortable, and supportive on the way down. Fresh tracks are waiting! 

  • TECH
    • "Tesla T1 Baseplate
    • Recline Highback
    • First Track© Ankle Straps with Flex Window
    • Übergrip Toe Strap with Vibram© EcoStep™ rubber
    • Cable Reinforced Connectors And Ratchets
    • EVA Dampening on Baseplate and Gas Pedal
    • Included in Box: Tesla Touring brackets, T1 heel rests, Mounting screws, Spark Tool"
    Medium: 7.0-10.5 US / 25.0-28.5 MP / 38.5 - 43.5 EU
    Large: 11.0-14.0 US 29.0-32.0 MP / 44 - 48 EU