If all those Zombie television shows and movies have taught us anything, it's that the undead cannot be stopped. The same holds true for the Nitro Afterlife Snowboard. Cam-Out Camber, a rail-friendly Urban Flex and Dual Degressive Sidecut all work in combination to bring the snap and edge control of camber while loosening up the edges to mitigate sketchy landings and deliver impeccable rail performance. The park features may hide, but we all know they'll be subdued in the end. Especially when the Nitro Afterlife Snowboard is protected by a Premium Extruded FH Base and RailKiller Edges for the most durable board construction that Nitro can offer. 

Cam-Out Camber – Nitro's Cam-Out Camber is basically a true camber with early and smooth transitions into tip and tail. The result is a fun and responsive board that turns on the spot and is forgiving, even after that 713.5° landing.