MDXONE Kids Snowboard Harness Blue

  • The MDXONE ''OX'' was designed with quality, comfort, and safety in mind. The 16 foot retractable leash allows you to control the distance of your child on the ski slope with the push of a button.

    The 12-inch bungee cord attachments allow your child to have the flexibility they need to learn and the shock absorption that you need to teach. Designed with three different settings to help beginning snowboarders and skiers progress to the next level in their on-slope education.

    The training harness was designed for functionality and comfort. The high quality padded backpack harness is more comfortable for your little guy or girl on the mountain. The backpack contains two zippered storage areas, one to store the leash and attachments while you’re riding the chairlift, and the other for the all important snacks on the mountain. The backpack also has two reinforced handles that allow you to quickly and easily pick your student up from the snow or lift them onto a chairlift.

    The hook on the leash will allow you to pick up your child off the snow with ease. Just hook up the leash to one of the handle and up you go. You can also hook up the leash to the bungees when riding with your child between your legs (skiing) or side by side (snowboarding) This system was initially designed by a parent for his child in order to keep him safer and more comfortable and functional than the other harnesses out there on the market.


      Yes, of course it’s also the best teaching tool for skiing.

      · It's AMAZING how well the MDXONE ''OX' works!

      · Also SUPER SAFE since we use bright colours on our leash, reflective logos on the backpack & elastic pouches on all straps to store/secure the extras.

      If you are looking for a less expensive option, please look at our mini-OX ski harness! Second best harness on the market after the ''OX''.

      Used by snowboard instructors, snow schools and pros all around the globe!

      You can't go wrong with the MDXONE ''OX'' harness. Hands down,the best snowboard harness on the market. You'll be out of the bunny hill on no time! Trust us and our happy customers! If your minishred can stand, they can snowboard and ski.