Korua Shapes Cafe Racer Classic

  • The Café Racer is a softboot carving board, ideal for tight aggressive turns when tearing up resort groomers. The full camber gives you more grip in turns from tip to tail and rides like a train on tracks. A good board to learn how to carve properly but that is also able to handle the perfect turns of a powerful experienced rider. Even though it is built for groomers it can handle some powder and due to the sintered base, it’s also a banked slalom winner in tighter banks. We recommend riding this board with steeper positive binding angles as well as a slightly narrower stance to let the board flex nicer when riding.

  • Our FULL CAMBER is a modern version of the classic camber that many of us grew up with. Like the classic, it offers more stability and grip because more of your board is in the snow when it’s set on edge. Unlike the classic version, ours offers more float and speed in soft snow due to a smoother transition into the nose area.

    Flex - 7/10

    Length (cm) 156 (A) 159 (A)
    Effective Edge (mm) 1150 (B) 1200 (B)
    Running Length (mm) 1040 1060
    Nose Width (mm) 302 (C) 324 (C)
    Waist Width (mm) 256 (D) 269 (D)
    Tail Width (mm) 288 (E) 293 (E)
    Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 7.7 8.2
    Setback (mm) 20 20
    Taper (mm) 14 31
    Recommended Stance (cm) 55 55
    Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 50-64 50-63
    Board Weight (kg) 2.8 2.9
    Flex (1-10) 7 7
    Float (1-10) 6 7
    Topsheet UV Lacquer UV Lacquer
    Fiberglass Biaxial Biaxial
    Core Poplar Light Poplar Light
    Base Material P-TEX 2000 Sintered P-TEX 2000 Sintered
    Base Construction Classic Classic
    Finish Beltgrind Beltgrind
    Edges Metal Metal
    Shape Directional Directional
    Switch Riding Doable Doable
    Rider Weight (kg) 50 - 80 55 - 90
    Boot Size (EU) Up to ~ 43 Up to ~ 46
    Camber Full Camber Full Camber