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Gnu Headspace

Snowboard Type: Freestyle


From his beautiful mind. The C3 cambered Head Space is Forest’s asym twin freestyle mind expansion tool. A proven street slayer, rips any freestyle situation you might encounter at your home resort or out there with the crew. Magne-Traction® edge control, FSC certified eco core, sintered eco-sublimated base. Find your feet with a board that knows anything and everything is possible.
Forest’s cambered creative freestyle vehicle
Streetwise, rips the resort, toys with the park
Asym technology unites your mind body and board

Art: Forest Bailey @forestbailey


C3 Camber - Aggression, Control, Precision, Power
Terrain: Park, Resort
Ability: Intermediate/Advanced
Flex: Medium
Asym: Sidecut/Core

Asym G1 Eco Construction
Asym Core: Aspen/Paulownia I/II - FSC Certified, Light, Strong and Poppy
Glass: Triax/Biax Fiber - Strong and Poppy
Top: Eco Sublimated Poly Top - Tough and Environmentally Nice
Base: Eco Sublimated Sintered Base - Fast, Tough and Holds Wax
Sidewalls: UHMW - Tough and Fast