• Every kid loves playdates, especially when they entail riding chairlifts with friends and floating magically atop the snow in a winter wonderland. Specially crafted for the young shredder who's looking to cultivate a growing passion for the mountains, the GNU Playdate Asym BTX Snowboard features all the same construction characteristics as the full-sized boards but in a much more accommodating and manageable size. An asymmetric sidecut offers a much more natural and balanced feel that reduces fatigue and improves intuitive performance. Likewise, the Original Banana contour provides a versatile feel that transitions from groomed corduroy to soft powder without a hitch. Give your young'un a tool that'll generate stories they'll remember forever with the GNU Playdate Asym BTX Snowboard.
    ROCKER TYPE: Original Banana – Revolutionary all-terrain freestyle banana blend. Rocker between your feet with flat to mild camber to contact points. Mild tip pressure for unreal float and jibbing, solid pressure between your feet for easy turning and great ice edge hold. The best contour to learn on. Unreal everywhere!

  • SHAPE Level 1 Asym Scale | Core & Sidecut – Asymmetric wood core that's softer flexing on heelside. Deeper sidecut on the heelside. Asymmetry – The human body is asymmetric. Turn mechanics on a toe and heel side turn are completely different. GNU builds in asymmetric balancing concepts to each side of your snowboard harmonizing with nature and creating a more efficient, less tiring, unreal ride.
    CORE Aspen / Paulownia – Balanced, light, sustainable, strong and poppy.
    LAMINATES Tri-Ax / Bi-Ax – A glass and fiber reinforcement combination to give the snowboard a long life and plenty of pop.
    SIDEWALLS UHMW – Ultra High Molecular Weight exterior sidewalls made from soy-based elastomer are laminated to five internal wood layers for totally bombproof sidewalls.
    BASE Co-Ex – Fast and easy to maintain.
    EDGES Magne-Traction® – Unreal edge hold; 7 strategically located and sized edge serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions.
  • Length Contact Length (cm) Side Cut (m) Nose / Tail (cm) Waist Width (cm) Stance (inch)
    120 85 6.7 24.5 / 24.5 22.5
    130 95 6.9 25.1 / 25.1 23 17.5-21