Dragon NFX MAG OTG Alpina LL Rose Gold Ion + LL Amber 2024

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Introducing the all-new NFX MAG OTG snow goggle. Built with a foundation of premium functionality, the NFX Mag utilizes the ultra-fast and super-secure Swiftlock Magnetics lens changing system and proprietary Lumalens color optimized lenses. Tested and endorsed by Dragon’s world class roster of athletes—including snowboarder Danny Davis who has a Signature model—the NFX MAG OTG sets the bar high with additional features like Dragon’s patented frameless design, armored venting, helmet compatibility, and OTG-compatibility. For those seeking a preeminent goggle experience, look no further than Dragon’s NFX MAG OTG. This goggle utilizes features derived from Dragon’s patented Advanced Projects X (APX) technology.



Swiftlock Magnetics Lens Changing System
Patented Frameless Technology
Lumalens color optimized technology
Premium Injection Molded Cylindrical Lens
Armored Venting
Super Anti Fog coating
Triple Layer Face Foam with Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining
Helmet Compatible
Silicone Strap Backing