Dinosaurs Will Die Never Not

  • Under the art direction of Brendon Hupp, the NeverNot is a reminder that snowboarding creates some of our greatest memories and forges life long friendships. Whether it’s first chair for the deepest day of the season, laughing after a good rag-doll, or exploring new spots in the side-country. Not sure what our lives would be without our boards and friends. We love you Lars. #NeverNotBoard Art direction // Brendon Hupp @huppnstuff Artist // Sean Genovese, @seangenovese

  • TECH
    • Camber
    • SINtered base
    • Elliptical sidecut
    • D-Twin
    • Powder pack
    • Split-able
    • Flex = 7
    • DWD recommends that you only attempt to split this board after you’ve used it and it has become your secondary snowboard. Seek the help of a pro shop or individual that is well versed in splitting snowboards. **A miss-cut during the DIY process of splitting this board, or delaminated board after the board has been cut, is not covered under warranty.