• Surprise, surprise! Y'er boi, Fred P., the bench pressin, one hoofin, shred freak, now has a pro model! Built around the shape of the Larson board, Fred decided to blend Goldie camber with some early-rise at the contact points to create AM Cam; a profile that keeps this board poppin in the park and still lets you get loose when you wanna dance on some rails or a bench.Fred hails from Oslo, Norway with some New Zealand blood to top it off. Hes been riding for DWD for years now, starting out filming with the Ducsjen crew in Norway before getting a few shots in the Rats section of the DWD team video and moving on to film with Think Thank the next 3 seasons. This year Fred had the plan to film an entire video based on benches, called Bench Press. As all great things rocket skyward, the video soon became an event as well. On the afternoon of March 4, 2017 the event, dubbed Bench Heaven, went down! Followed by a Heres a link to the full re-cap edit:

    • AM Camber
      SINtered Base
      Flex = 3