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Deeluxe ID Lara LTD Miyon

  • It’s okay to play favorites—just ask the ID Lara. After all, it’s the boot of choice for many of our female team riders—including Japanese style master Miyon Yamaguchi. We gave Miyon the chance to reimagine this revered boot. And the result—the ID Lara LTD.—is sure to turn heads and command attention. In addition to dripping style, this limited edition boot is full of sophisticated technology. With a construction based around a softer shell, it provides an unrivaled fit. For the perfect combination of flex and stability, the ID Lara LTD. sports DEELUXE’s Pro Flex construction while its grippy Skate Flex sole enhances boardfeel. And to further boost performance and comfort, we’ve infused the ID Lara LTD. with our all-new Freestyle Tongue and Stage 3 liner. Thanks to the boot’s legendary performance and Miyon’s unmistakable style and vision, it’s easy to elevate your game. Get inspired with the ID Lara LTD.

  • Flexrate 4/10
    Stage 3 Liner
    Power Strap
    L2 Lacing
    Girl Power Handle
    Back Bone
    Pro Flex
    Freestyle Tongue
    Flex Booster
    Skate Flex