• One of the most decorated snowboarders of this decade, Jess Kimura has swept the Transworld Snowboarding Rider’s Poll Awards multiple times. Jess has made her mark not only on women’s snowboarding but on snowboarding itself. Her fan base crosses genders and is comprised of riders from all spectrums of the sport who appreciate her gritty, sincere and hell-bent approach. As Jess is spending more time in the mountains to compliment the time she spends in the streets, we have made a key adjustment on her model to reflect the evolution in her riding. We took her existing model and rockered the nose so that it's pre-pressed for jibbing, turns on a dime, and floats in powder with ease. This simple tweak has a big effect on its overall versatility and is an evolution that fuels her passion and your progression.

  • TECH
    • Canadian Maple Dual Core
    • Carbon Fiber Beams
    • Holysheet Fiberglass Magic Bean Resin
    • Superdrive Base
    • Multitech Sublimation + Die-cut Base
    • PLT Topsheet Technology
    • 360 Degree HRC48 Steel edges
    • Full ABS1000 Sidewalls
    • Stainless Steel 4x2 Inserts
  • Length Effective Edge Waist Nose / Tail Sidecut

    Max Stance


    142 106.2 22.9 27.3 / 27.3 6.80 56.0 / 22.1
    146 109.4 23.5 27.9 / 27.9 7.20 58.3 / 23.0