Bent Metal Joint Charcoal

  • Create a fluid JOINT between you, your board, and the mountain with the BMBW JOINT. The JOINT brings BMBW’s standard of high performance components and a Mervin Made Flex Control Drive Plate together for less money and more all mountain action. The boron fiber Drive Plate pairs with a nylon high back and heel cup to create a responsive yet forgiving all mountain performance.

    Mean, lean, clean, mountain ripping machine. Burnt charcoal Drive Plate art keeps this Joint burning on the longest stormiest days.

    Flex 5 - Medium
    Size M (US 8-11)  /  L (US 11-14)

    • Performance Polymer Highback
    • Mobility Strap
    • Light Form Toe Strap
    • Boron Fiber Drive Plate