Bent Metal Axtion Blue Yellow

  • The AXTION is a team driven, performance enhanced all mountain go to. Featuring the responsive Dual Band (Dyadic Construction) ankle strap thatfusesflexandpowerformaximumcomfortandresponse. Addto that a super comfy Grip Form toe strap, a uni-body nylon chassis and a solid asymmetric high back for increased rigidity and you’re looking at top to bottom performance, comfort and reliability all day long. Get some AXTION!

    Flex 6 - Medium
    Size M (US 8-11)  /  L (US 11-14)

    • Performance Polymer Highback 6/10
    • Dual Band Ankle Strap Soft
    • Grip Form Toe Strap
    • Magnesium Fiber Drive Plate 6/10
    • Uni Body Chassis / Large Axis Disc 4x4 2x4 Channel