Arbor Clovis

  • The Clovis is Arbor's latest System Camber gun. We designed the Clovis with pro team rider Mark Carter, who drew shaping inspiration from Native American arrowheads to deliver the performance, power, and stability required for hunting massive mountain lines. The 2020 Clovis has an updated shaping profile with additional volume in the nose, increased overall width, added taper, and a shorter tail length for maximum float. Increased snap and torsional rebound increase control in critical situations thanks to four Carbon A-Frames that run diagonally towards the center of the board from the outside contact points. Our Zero Waste Base tech, combined with a Bio-Plastic Topsheet, Recycled Steel Edges, and Entropy Bio-Resin come together to create a high-performance board with environmentally conscious construction.

  • TECH
    • American Black Walnut Powerply
    • Bio Plastic Topsheet
    • FSC Certified Double Barrel Core
    • Sintered Base
    • Mixed Glassing
    • Entropy Bio Resin
    • 3 Year Warranty
    • Wend Natural Wax
    • Zero Waste Base Technology
  • Size Nose / Tail Waist 


    Effective Edge (cm) Setback
    158 29.6 / 28.8 25.4 9.1/8.2/9.1 116 0.9
    162 30.0 / 29.1 25.6 9.3/8.4/9.3 119.6 0.9