The Drylite Airtube is the perfect mask for the warmer days or for the rider who is naturally warmer and needs something thin. Featuring a flat top finish, the wearer may use it as a neck gaitor or mask. The signature direct injected silicone Airhole provides a clear passage for breath, preventing moisture build up which causes a wet cold face. Dryliteξfabric is also moisture managing - sweat is wicked away, keeping skin dry. For those sunny days, wrap your face with this mask to keep the rays off your skin - it's SPF 50!


+ Acts as a second skin against the elements
+ SPF 50
+ 100% Polyester Microfiber
+ Seamless construction
+ Moisture wicking to keep the sweat off your face
+ Signature embroidered Airhole for breathing
+ Antibacterial finish to stay fresh
+ Hypoallergenic
+ Wear as a gaiter or mask