• FLEX:8/10 - FIT:Performance
    With the perfect blend of support and confort, the TM-TWO is setting the bar higher with the addition of Storm Shield shell coating for all weather protection, sealing your boots from the elements. The Tongue Tension System adds heel lock down for a more responsive boot. Featuring dual cushioning STI Evolution foam with System G2 Gel and a Performance Backstay for support on those heavy landings. With the new Performance Internal Harness, go bigger with the taller and more supportive internal lacing. Versatile for any type of riding the TM-TWO is a favorite of Scotty Stevens.

  • 01_ 1:1 Lasting
    02_ STI Evolution Foam Outsole
    03_ System G2 Gel Cushioning
    04_ 3D Molded Tongue
    05_ Performance Internal Harness
    06_ Tongue Tension System
    07_ Articulated Cuff
    08_ Performance Backstay
    09_ Overmold
    10_ Storm Shield
    11_ Heel Hold Kit