A heavy hitter without the weight, the Light has everything The Don needs on his feet. With the articulated cuff and 3D molded tongue giving you a flex that's soft and forgiving, it's perfect for destroying any rail. The new heat moldable Comfort Fit Liner with micro fleece is cushy right out of the box and will keep your toes happy and warm all winter long. The Integrated Internal Lacing and Grip & Rip Heel Hold gives excellent heel lock while maintaining a soft flex. Updated with a new molded footbed to keep your feet from shifting, soften hard landings with the Evolution Foam outsole.

  • 01_ 1:1 Lasting
    02_ Evolution Foam Outsole
    03_ 3D Molded Tongue
    04_ Integrated Internal Lacing
    05_ Articulated Cuff
    06_ Grip & Rip Heel Hold