Arbor Cheater

  • Resort Mountain Twin
    Flex Meter 2/10
    The snowboard best to learn on and grow with. The Cheater teaches young riders the basics with Arbor’s System technology. The parabolic rocker minimizes edge catch, and improves control from your first day on snow and beyond. Grip Tech provides additional contact points on the edge to help hold amazing lines as you are discovering them. Get to know snowboarding more easily on the Cheater and grow with the Arbor System!

  • TECH
    • Wend Natural Wax
    • Factory Tuned
    • 3-Year Warranty
    • Extruded Base
    • Biax Glassing
    • Highland Core
    • Recycled Steel Edge
    • 360 Fully Wrapped Sidewalls
    • 2x4 12 Pack Inserts
    • Bio-Resin
    • Recycled ABS
  • Size Nose / Tail Waist 


    Effective Edge (cm) Taper
    120 23.54 20.75
    6.75 / 5.85 / 6.75 86